Summer has arrived


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The month of June is starting with high temperatures, a warm and pleasant weather. After the abundant rains of April, Spring is gifting us with gorgeous blumes of flowers everywhere.


We are very pleased to see our guests enjoying the nice and forgiving weather sitting by the swimming pool. Kids are plunging into the water, swimming under the watchful attention of their parents who relax on the sunbeds.

The garden is a place of encounter. Our guests enjoy making friends and meeting them again each year at the same place.

It's already time for lunch and it's hard to choose from so many options at our buffet restaurant. Today we are having grilled sardines, freshly fished at the Costa Brava.

Afterwards we went for a walk to Fenals Beach and Boadella Beach. There are still few priviledged people who are enjoying the beautiful weather at the beach now in the low season.

Today is our first visit to the "chiringuito" (the beach bar) at the Boadella. Everything is ready so our friends can return once more and enjoy one of the best beaches in the Costa Brava and it's cristal clear turquoise waters.

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