Monas, a pastry Easter tradition

As the spring changes the scenery seducing us with it’s bright colours so do bakeries storefronts specially decorated for Easter showing off their crafted chocolate eggs and figures, the traditional Easter Monas.

Mona is a word coming from the arab “munna” which means gift. The Easter mona was a sweet bun with a hard boiled egg baked into it and which was traditionally given by godparents to their godsons and daughters.

The egg-decorated pastries tradition was overtaken in the mid twentieth century by chocolate with which fantastic figures were created to call children’s attention. Each Easter Monday, godparents, specially Catalan, give children this fantastic delicacy.

In Catalonia, where the tradition has become a great event over the years, it has become the chance for master chocolate makers to show off their art and knowledge, exhibiting their most incredible creations. Some are internationally acclaimed, such as the late pastry cook and chocolate sculptor Antoni Escribà (2004) or Oriol Balaguer, whose creations are true chocolate art jewels.

Even though there might be fancy chocolate pieces, the important monas keep being the ones chosen by children, the true stars of the celebration. The most popular monas this year are chocolate reproductions of famous movie and TV characters, such as The Incredibles, the Lunnis, and of course Futbol Club Barcelona stars, Ronaldinho or Eto’o.

During the whole Easter over 625.000 monas will be sold and consumed. Their price depends on their elaboration time and the amount of chocolate and it can go anywhere between 22 and 70 euros.

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