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La Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelonas iconic buildings and well worth a visit, in fact I have probably visited dozens of times and the nice thing is that because of the on-going building works it always looks different!

This Gaudi masterpiece has been a work in progress for the last 100 years with frequent and heated debates as to whether the "new" part is really in keeping with the Gaudi original.

This post was inspired by a news item recently which assured us that it would finally be finished in 2010 and so I decided to have another look and see what a Sagrada Familia without cranes would be like.

I decided to look at details rather than the undoubtedly impressive overall impression with its soaring towers, zooming in on the fruit and bird life hidden on the facades and the amazing use of stone, ironwork, glass and ceramic tiles.

My unequivocal conclusion is that there are so many interesting and fun things to admire in/on this church that it will always be a pleasure to visit, and just for the record I love the "new" part and hope that cleaning the pollution stained exterior of the "old" part can begin when the cranes do eventually come down, but I think 2010 is optimistic, personally!

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