Croscat volcano Garrotxa


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In the area between Santa Pau and Olot is the Garrotxa Volcanic Natural Park and well worth a visit it is too, especially if you are looking for a contrast from the beach or city. How many places do you know where you can you walk into a volcano and see what the resulting geology looks like? There are plenty of easy, well marked paths through the park but one of my favourites is to the Croscat volcano (extinct I hasten to add) where mining activity over many years has basically revealed the interior in cross-section.


There is a visitor centre and the areas flora and fauna as well as the history of the mining operation is explained but seeing the colours and scale of this carved out mountain are deeply impressive.

This area is perfect to visit in the hot summer months because it is quite high with cool breezes and the mountains are densely covered with mature trees so walking on cool sheltered paths is a joy.The recent storms have caused a lot of damage but all the main routes have been cleared of fallen trees.


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