Bescano-Industrial History walk


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Bescano lies along the River Ter 7kms from Girona and the nicest way to get there is via the bike track or "carrilet" which is an easy and scenic ride or walk. If you keep on the bike path you will come to a large factory called the Grober and if you take the next turn to the right you see a beautiful ruin of what was once an impressive house complete with a chapel and gazebo. Passing through an arch on the other side of the house you come to a canal with a restored flour mill next to it, behind which starts a track along the side of the canal.

The point of this trip is not only the beauty and tranquility of the surroundings but to point out how one small village was transformed by the Industrial Revolution which arrived here in the late 19th and early 20th Century. The canal was built to take water from the Ter to a  hydroelectric station where the twin turbines produced electricity for the textile mill (now the Grober factory) as well as the village. This was the modern day equivalent of building an industrial park with high speed internet connection and good links to major roads and markets.

Water was needed for all types of mills with electricity as well to power the machinery so this model was repeated along many of the rivers which flow from the Pyrenees. The ruins of big and once grand houses are also proof that a great deal of wealth was created during this period with some businesses surviving to the present day and the buildings preserved as architectural and industrial models.


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