Sailing off the Costa Brava

Costa Brava

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There are few better ways of spending a Friday afternoon than hiring a 12m yacht with some friends and heading off in a 15 knot wind and choppy seas for four hours of sheer unwinding glorious weather sailing.

As we left the port of Palamos we passed fishing boats coming in with their days catch to auction at the fish market (the llotja), the largest on the Costa Brava. As the coastline diminished over the horizon the steady breeze and rolling waves became our world and even the minor problem of drinking wine out of plastic cups while at a 45º angle seemed fun.

The sense of peace and space combined with the exhilaration of sailing is a potent mixture and as therapeutic as any I have felt. As the sun dropped behind the coastal range we were berthing once again in Palamos and after some brief arranging of buoys and ropes it was hard to believe that four hours had passed by so quickly and pleasantly.

Thank you Jochen and Annie for inviting me.


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