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V Rally Historic Video Lloret de Mar - Fenals

Lloret de Mar

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Once more the Historic Costa Brava Rally of Lloret de Mar had its urban route through Fenals and we enjoyed watching the vintage race cars just in front of the Hotel Savoy front entrance during a splendid spring-like day.

The roar of the engines, the sun and the sea have an irresistible atraction and the atmosphere brings good memories of the old Costa Brava Rally. The participants gave good account of that and salute their fans which remember and come year after year.

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Calçots - a typical catalan dish


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If you by any chance are visiting Catalonia in winter during the months of january through march, then you should try one of the typical dishes of the seasons, the calçotades.
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Playa Boadella


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Cuesta creer que una playa aún virgen pueda encontrarse a pocos metros del centro turístico más importante de la Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar. Una nueva urbanización que se está construyendo allí justo a su entrada puede que cambie la situación, asi que si estás en el Hotel Savoy, no desaproveche la oprotunidad para visitar este lugar y contemplarlo en toda su gloria. Vaya temprano por la mañana a esta playa para tener la oportunidad de verla en su mejor momento.

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Lloret de Mar Evening

Lloret de Mar

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Downtown Lloret de Mar in the evening is quite a sight. As the sun goes down and the bright neon lights turn on, when people start coming out for a walk in the refreshing air, after a whole day laying on the beach, showing off their tanned skins, the town irradiates energy that seems to emanate from it’s shiny glimmer.
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Monas, a pastry Easter tradition

Holidays and Traditions

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As the spring changes the scenery seducing us with it’s bright colours so do bakeries storefronts specially decorated for Easter showing off their crafted chocolate eggs and figures, the traditional Easter Monas.

Mona is a word coming from the arab “munna” which means gift. The Easter mona was a sweet bun with a hard boiled egg baked into it and which was traditionally given by godparents to their godsons and daughters.

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23rd of April: Day of Sant Jordi, of the book and the rose

Holidays and Traditions

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Sant Jordi's Day (Saint George) is somewhat like Valentine’s day in Catalonia. There is an ancient tradition of giving roses on this day, celebrating spring and love of which Saint George is it’s patron.

It is very difficult to set a date to establish the beginning of the popular Catalan tradition. It has to be a very ancient one, since there is evidence of the celebration of the Roses Fair on the occasion of Sant Jordi’s day since the 15th century. This very fact tries to explain the link existing between the popular tradition and the symbolism of courtly love represented by the rose. However, beyond, all possible theories that might justify a tradition, the most important thing is that it has remained alive, and that it is an unmistakable symbol of Catalonia.

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